how to make money from painting

how to make money from painting


5/9/202410 min read

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The content of this article resulted in an article with a title that was unexpected but very legitimate. If you have been reading the art blogosphere for a while, you have probably come across many articles like this one. They are extremely common, and I have always wondered why they are so popular. How do so many people really get rich from selling their art? This article is designed to answer that question by taking serious artists who happen to be good writers, and then using them to show how easy it is for anyone to get rich by selling their artwork online.

Undoubtedly, success as an artist can be hard work and require lots of time and talent, but what if we didn't have to spend hours in front of the easel at all? What if we could make money from painting without actually having to paint? It would be like being a doctor or lawyer, where we don't need the skill because the profession has trained us to know how important it is. The art industry has done much the same with exposure through galleries and exposure through online sales. We even pay taxes on our art. But how awesome would it be if we didn't have to spend any precious time? You can get rich just by making your living off your artwork, which means you will never need another job again!

"I am proud not only because I am an artist who makes his living from his paintings; I am proud because I can make my living from my paintings any time I want—without having to go out into the world and find work to earn money." -François Picabia.

This was originally posted on Reddit's/r/art thread as "To sell art as an artist: a guide" My Reddit username is /u/bluepenguin92, and this post was trimmed down for space reasons but below are some highlights.

Painting is a great idea, but it isn't easy.

Painting is a complex process that requires time and dedication to master. Like any skill, you'll need to practice and learn your craft before you can start making money with it. You'll also need to understand how the business works and what your clients want from their painting experience—and if you don't know those things yet, then don't bother trying!

There's actually an art to painting.

Painting is an art. It's not just something you do to decorate your house or make money on the side; it's a skill that can be used for many things.

Painting is also a trade, profession, or career, which means it has its own set of rules and regulations that need to be followed in order to stay in business as an artist.

This sounds like too much work, but if you're serious about learning to paint, there's no better way than through the school of hard knocks!

Painting is complicated and time-consuming, with hidden costs and hidden tradeoffs.

Painting is complicated and time-consuming, with hidden costs and hidden tradeoffs. To illustrate this point, let's look at the following three examples:

  • You spend an hour painting your friend's face on her birthday cake (and she loves it). Making the cake takes one day of work; therefore, it costs $50 per hour (1/24th of a day's pay) for the labor alone—not even counting materials. You also spent $20 on paint and supplies for this project, so if you charge $50 per hour as a painter or decorator, that would mean that each slice of cake with your friend's painted face will cost around $300! And how many slices can you sell? Well...that depends on how many people want one! I'd say there's a good chance that only one person will buy just one slice of your masterpiece—but maybe more than one person wants to have their own slice maybe then we'll need another 50 bucks worth of materials?

  • You get paid $400 every month by working part-time as an actuary analyst at Fidelity Investments while earning extra income through freelance gigs like writing online blogs about personal finance ("My Stepdad Says He Doesn't Want Me Working At Starbucks Because He Says It Hurts His Wallet"). But since most days are spent doing work-related activities like making spreadsheets and calculating risk factors associated with investments based upon past performance only see cash flow coming in on payday comes around each Friday afternoon (or later). So what does this mean exactly? Well, first off, let me say congratulations because I think we've figured out why some people don't like financial institutions :) Secondly, professional athletes such as LeBron James are known worldwide despite being paid millions per year from endorsements alone because they still manage somehow manage find ways through creative means like charities events like opening night events where fans get treated free tickets, etcetera."

You already know enough to paint if you keep at it.

If you have ever picked up a brush and thought, "I could do this," then it's time for the next step: learning the basics of painting. The first thing that needs to be done is practice. Paint some pictures on canvas or paper, just for yourself—no one else will see them except when they look back at their work later in life! This will help give your confidence in what you're doing because no one can tell whether or not what they're doing looks good (except maybe other artists). From here, read books by other artists who are better than yourself or watch tutorials online where someone gives tips on how best to apply different colors onto certain areas of canvas/paper, etc...

This will also allow conversations with other people who may share similar interests as yours - whether that means talking about art itself or just showing off work done so far! If nothing else works out well enough, then try asking questions online forums like Reddit AMAs (Ask Me Anything), where people answer questions submitted via email from other users around the world wide web."

Figure out what you enjoy doing, what you're good at, and where there's a market for your work.

  • What do I enjoy doing? Is it painting? Or do I like writing? Are there other things that I could be good at?

  • Where is there a big demand for my skills and talents? If people are willing to pay money to buy paintings from me, then there's an opportunity here!

If this sounds familiar (and if it does), then congratulations—you've found yourself in the right place! Now comes the hard part: figuring out how much money we're talking about here.

Start with a quick test run to see how much time you need to invest, how much work it is going to take, and how much money you'll make each month.

You should start with a quick test run to see how much time you need to invest, how much work it is going to take, and how much money you'll make each month.

Set a goal for yourself and make sure that you are ready to commit 100% of your time and energy to this project.

Making friends in the art world will open new doors for success.

If you're interested in getting started as an artist, it's important to realize that there are many ways to do so. One way is making friends with other artists with similar interests and goals, which can lead to valuable networking opportunities if you're willing to put in the effort. Another way is by attending local art fairs. It shows where many galleries show their work and contact each other about upcoming exhibits or events. Live near an area surrounded by art schools (for example). Going there might also be beneficial since these places often have free classes where students learn how they can become successful artists like themselves!

Finally, if your area has any organizations explicitly dedicated to helping members become successful artists (such as Artist's Organization), then joining them could help increase awareness about what exactly "being successful" means when talking about being an artist.

Don't spend all your time just getting better; spend some of it on marketing yourself so customers are aware of who you are and where they can find more of your work.

Don't spend all your time just getting better; spend some of it on marketing yourself so customers are aware of who you are and where they can find more of your work.

Marketing is important, but it doesn't have to be overwhelming. There are many ways to market yourself as an artist, including word-of-mouth, social media, a website (the best place for visitors), a blog, or even an Instagram account showcasing your work!

It's ok if you don't make a lot of money from painting--it can still be fun and creative.

You can still be creative and successful, even if you make little money from painting.

It doesn't have to be about the money; it's more important to enjoy yourself and your work than worry about whether people will pay you for it!

If you have a studio, you can sell prints, posters, and framed paintings.

If you have a studio, selling prints, posters, and framed paintings is possible. You can also create art for charity auctions and other events.

If your artwork is suitable for hanging on the wall or being displayed in a frame (and if it is a little small or heavy), then this may be one way of making money from painting.

If you live at home and have the time, you can sell your paintings yourself.

  • Online: One of the best ways to make money from painting is by selling online. There are many websites where people buy art online, so it's easy to get started if you already have an account with one or create one when starting your business venture. You can also sign up for an account with Etsy and eBay (or Craigslist) which will allow people who want items similar in style or subject matter as yours access through these marketplaces too!

  • Local Art Shows: Another way local artists make money is by attending local art shows where they sell their work directly to customers who come specifically because they want something unique made by someone nearby them instead of having everything shipped halfway across the country every time they need something new created specifically around now current trends etc...

Put up an Etsy shop.

  • If you want to make money from painting, Etsy is the way to go.

  • Put up an Etsy shop.

  • Etsy is a great place for artists and craftspeople to sell their work online and get their names out there in the world.

Use your skills to work as an artist in a private art gallery or as a commissioned artist.

The art world is huge, and you can make money from your art in many ways. If you are an artist, then you know how difficult it can be to get noticed by galleries and other businesses. However, there are some ways that artists can get paid for their work.

One way is through selling your work at art fairs or online through websites like eBay or Etsy. Another option for artists is hiring themselves as commissioned artists for businesses or organizations that need artwork done on short notice (like event planners).

Start a blog and promote your work with discounts and free gifts, then sell them on your blog when you have excess inventory.

You can also sell your work on your blog. This is a great way to get people familiar with you and your art, but it can be a more profitable choice. The good news is that you don't need thousands of followers or even any at all—you just need enough people who will be interested in what you're doing so they'll buy from you when they see something they like.

One thing I've found helpful when promoting myself through my website is giving away freebies (a free print, maybe) with every order over $50. It's not only an easy way for customers who have yet to learn me personally but also gives them something cool while encouraging repeat purchases later down the road!

About 10% of artists make a full-time living from their art.

It's important to remember that 10% of artists make a full-time living from their art. That's the average, and it's certainly not the best-case scenario—but it's also not the worst-case scenario either. If you're looking for a number to shoot for, then this is one of those numbers where you can feel good about your chances of making money with your paintings in hand.

Sell prints of your artwork at local arts and crafts fairs and churches, then share photos of what you've done there.

You can sell prints of your artwork at local arts and crafts fairs and churches. Share photos of what you've done there, share photos of the people who bought your work, share photos of the people who made your work, and share photos of the people who helped you to make your work.

Create art for charity auctions.

Charity auctions are great for selling your art, but there are a few things you should know about them before jumping in. First, make sure your auction is easy to run—you don't want to spend all day on it or have to spend too much time promoting it! Second, make sure that it's simple for people who want to buy the art at the auction (and maybe even ship their payment) because if not, then they won't be able to do so easily either. Finally: create something unique and interesting!

You can get creative about how to make money from painting.

You can get creative about how to make money from painting. Here are some ideas:

  • Sell prints of your artwork at local arts and crafts fairs and churches, then share photos of what you've done there.

  • Create art for charity auctions.

Find out more about how to make money from painting.


In a guide for those who want to make money from painting, it is said that many people have no money at all, even when they have enough talent, because we do not teach them how to paint.

That person must have a master, right? He usually has a teacher as his mentor, right? So, he probably thinks that his mentor is a master of painting and, therefore, he should follow him absolutely. Or he thinks that he can learn something useful from him directly. I like this post because it shows what everyone has been thinking about but was afraid of saying out loud: What if no one can give me any guidance on painting? Not just making money from painting.

Making up my mind here. I need to learn how to begin. Anyway, that's cool too. The point is, "If I'm going to be an artist myself," people would think, "It's impossible," or "What will happen if I fail?" or "Who will help me?" etc..etc.In this post, I am also answering all these kinds of questions and giving solutions...In fact, most people these days are going in their own ways with their own attitudes toward art creation, and it takes time for an artist to express himself or herself...There are different levels of artists! I thought too much about this subject, so I wrote this post!!! So now let us talk about The main reason why no one can help you become financially successful as an artist! The main reason why anyone with talent cannot earn money through art is that they don't know how to make money from painting***Outline of the post: In a persuasive tone.